Introducing CG3D

CryptoGuns is back and better than ever with its new and improved version! The game, which was originally a 2D turn-based action strategy game, now upgraded to 3D graphics that are sure to impress.

With the new version of CryptoGuns, players will have an expansive map to explore, complete with new territories to conquer. The single player campaign experience has been greatly enhanced, providing players with hours of thrilling gameplay. With new challenges and enemies to face, players will need to use their strategic skills and battle tactics to progress through the campaign.

In addition to the new environments, CryptoGuns now includes a base building system that allows players to build and upgrade their own bases. This new feature adds an entirely new layer to the game, as players must not only focus on winning battles but also on building and defending their bases.

But that's not all - players can also collect and upgrade their armor and weapons, adding a new level of customization and personalization to the game. This allows players to tailor their gameplay experience to their own style, combined with the unique augment system, makes each playthrough a unique and exciting experience.

"CryptoGuns has always been a game that rewards skill and strategy, and with CG3D, players will be challenged like never before."

And of course, player vs player combat will be a core part of CryptoGuns. With the new version, players can compete against each other in thrilling battles to determine who has the ultimate squad.

CryptoGuns offers players a fully immersive and engaging gaming experience. With stunning 3D graphics, an expansive map, and exciting new gameplay modes, the game is sure to keep players hooked for hours on end.

So what are you waiting for? Download the new version of CryptoGuns today and experience the ultimate turn-based action strategy game!